The world’s largest online platform for statistical consultants and data scientists

For students, researchers and businesses looking for support regarding statistics (data analysis, college exams, market research, etc.), Marketing Profissional provides an online platform that helps clients find data scientists, statistical consultants, statistical consulting firms and tutors in just a few clicks.

Are You a Data Scientist or a Statistician?

We believe the world of business and research is going through a strong revolution, and statistics is gaining more and more relevance and presence in this new global scenario. By working with statistical consultants, businesses, governments and professionals from various fields of knowledge can find the best solutions to their statistical problems. Whether you are just getting started or not, Marketing Profissional is the online tool especially created for you to find more clients and take your statistical services to the next level.

WHAT IS Marketing Profissional?

Marketing Profissional is an online platform that links students, researchers and businesses to statistical consultants and data scientists. We have a variety of consultants available all over the world, with all kinds of expertise, skills and experience.