Luis Henrique da Silva Lima

, Brazil
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About me
Sou dedicado,atencioso,busco sempre aprender cada vez mais.
Years of experience
1 ano
Work Description
Trabalho da melhor forma possível, pra executar perfeitamente os projetos,preço justo.
Topics of statistics
Posting on Social Networks
Content Editor
Analyst Marketing Digital
Social Network Analyst
Content Markenting Analyst
Content Planning Analyst
Content reviewer
Planejamento de experimentos
Google Advertising
Social Media Analyst
Creating Logos
Advertising on Facebook
E-mail Marketing
Fields of application
Marketing Estratégico
Marketing Digital
Marketing Social
Marketing Cultural
Marketing Direto
Marketing Viral
Marketing de Conteúdo
Marketing Internacional
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Webdesign Tools (Dreamweaver, Muse)
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